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  1. 5 medidas de seguridad en una zona de actividad volcánica
    1. These are the systems that capture streets or volcanoes very accurately.
    2. Those who study volcanoes
    3. How to predict the eruption of a volcano

5 medidas de seguridad en una zona de actividad volcánica

Si la región de que se trataba era más o menos llana, esa imprecisión probablemente no era tan importante, ya que el clima no suele variar mucho en unas pocas decenas de kilómetros. unesdoc.unesco.org

Hasta el reciente perfeccionamiento de los sistemas de posicionamiento geográfico, la asignación de las coordenadas geográficas de los especímenes (la georeferenciación) frecuentemente daba resultados imprecisos. unesdoc.unesco.org

Veo que la Comisión dedica reflexiones a la seguridad del tráfico, aunque en mi opinión una frase como "coche respetuoso con los peatones" es errónea, ya que no puede existir un objeto de acero de mil o dos mil kilos que

These are the systems that capture streets or volcanoes very accurately.

As a result of our work we have built a reputation of excellence, maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We have an interdisciplinary group of professionals and technicians in constant training to perform the different tasks that the work requires in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

We are known for providing an exhaustive and personalized follow-up of our clients' problems, providing solutions, respecting the rules of coexistence in the different locations where the projects are located and taking care of the environment.

"We provide solutions to mining projects in the exploration, development and production stages. We are very useful for the determination of deposits, cubing of materials, monitoring of leaching heaps, among others".

We have a trained staff, a wide variety of equipment, instruments and software licenses to ensure the quality of work in the stages of acquisition, processing, interpretation and reporting.

Those who study volcanoes

Ukrainian reports claim that Putin's troops are fleeing eastward toward the Russian border in whatever means of transport they can find, even taking cars from the civilian population in areas they had captured since the start of the war in February.

In their wake they leave hundreds of pieces of the Russian war machine, which, since Putin's so-called "special military operation" began, has not come close to living up to its pre-war billing as one of the world's great powers.Advertising

These Russian losses are the accumulation of a multitude of existing problems that now collide head-on with a Ukrainian military that has been patient, methodical and endowed with billions of dollars of Western military equipment that Russia cannot match. And without drastic, and potentially unconventional, intervention by Putin, Ukrainian victories are likely to accelerate, analysts say.

Many of Russia's problems-poor and inflexible leadership, poor troop morale, inadequate logistics and maintenance-challenged equipment-have been evident since the early stages of the war nearly seven months ago.

How to predict the eruption of a volcano

Who does not have in his disaster drawer, a set of LED display with two, three or four digits. This is the moment to reuse this display (multiplexed) in a counter whose application can improve a presentation that was pending. In this article, we will see how to apply code to a multiplexed display and how it should work.

This example, shows an improved code to the one represented in the first example. As can be seen, I have used the same Arduino pins in each example. With this, I try to minimize the assignment errors in the different code listings.

The problem that the programmer may encounter, facing a multiplexed representation, lies in the sampling times of each digit, for this reason, I recommend that you take into account, I would say, very much into account, not to use or minimize the delay(), since they tend to produce the effect of "flickering" that is seen in the digits.

In a multiplex, there will always be a flicker, even if it is not very noticeable, the more digits are displayed, the more evident it will be. For this reason, sampling times should be reduced as much as possible.